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Bed & Breakfasts

Description: Need a good night's sleep?  Try writing some of these Bed & Breakfast establishments.  They seem to be more popular than ever and chances are you know at least one in your neighborhood.  If it's well maintained and no more than 3-stories tall (after all, more than that and it sounds like an apartment building), then we want to write it.

Does it have a pool?  We can still write it.
Do they rent recreational bikes?  Yep, we can write those as well?
Is it designed around hiking or biking trails?  No problem.

See!  You're probably sleeping better already, knowing that, once again, Statewide is your source for just about any insurance you need to place.

Give us a try!  Complete the apps and supplement below and send it in.  We'll get back to you before you turn out the lights.

Documents you will probably need: General Liability Application
Motel Supplement
Property Application

Please contact us for more information about this product.