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Home-Based Businesses


Do you have an insured with a business that they run out of their home?  Are they sure that they're properly covered?  Will the Business Pursuit endorsement on their Homeowner's policy cover them under all circumstances?

If you're not sure, then we've got you (and your insured) covered. 

Whether it's a full-time or a part-time business, Statewide's here to help.  Whether it's activities at the insured's location or away from the residence, Statewide's here to help. 

From Accountants to Avon sales, Jewelers to Beauty Salons, or Hobby Manufacturing to Travel Agents, this program hits a Home Run.

And as you would expect from your friends here at Statewide, we've got a simple, easy to navigate Rapid Rater so you can rate this up right there in your office.

Best of all, it's attractively priced for even your smallest home-based business client.

Documents you will probably need: Coverage Options, Rates and Program Guidelines

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