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Update From Statewide!

Hello everyone! We hope you are all staying happy and healthy and coping as best as you can during this pandemic.  We wanted to bring you up to date on what is happening here at Statewide Insurance.

We’re pleased to tell you that Statewide is well prepared for what has hit the world and our nation.

The State of Arizona has requested that everyone who can, to please stay at home. We can do that! We owe it to our staff, their families, and our community to be as diligent as possible in staying safe during this crazy time.

With that, we are taking steps to relocate our entire staff to their home offices on a full-time basis until the state deems it safe to return to our official office.  How does this impact you?  In short, it shouldn’t!  We have everyone standing by to take your call, including our receptionist, who is ready to assist you in getting you to the right person.

We’re full steam ahead and ready to take your calls, process your policies, and answer your questions as we always do.  We thank you for your business, patience, and loyalty. Together we’ll get through this. 


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