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Vacant Property

Description: If you're looking for a company to write those hard to place vacant properties, look no further.  We can write them.  Vacant homes or vacant commercial properties, we've got 'em covered.  With a great market and great rates, this is the ONLY place you need to go to write those vacancies.

Need Vandalism or Malicious Mischief coverage?  We've got the BEST rates around.

Need to cover a higher value vacant property?  We've got coverage up to $3,000,000 total property value.

Need to cover a lower value property?  No problem.  We can accept structures with values as low as $35,000.

Need to write a vacant structure in PC 9 or 10?  We've got that covered, too!!!

Give us a call and we can quote it for you while you're on the phone.
Documents you will probably need: Vacant Building Supplement

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